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New Reopening Regulations Are Out! What Does Step-1 Mean for Condos?

The long awaited regulations on the new 3-step roadmap to reopening Ontario have been published today! We are finally able to put some meat on the various press releases issued since May 20. Don’t miss CAI’s upcoming webinar on virtual meetings (June 10 at 10am).  This one will go well beyond the basics and will […]

Can the CAT evict your dog?

As many of our readers know, on October 1, 2020 the Condominium Authority Tribunal (also known as the CAT),  expanded its jurisdiction beyond records requests. The CAT now handles disputes relating to pets, parking, storage and lockers (and chargebacks related to these). This is a relatively new change, and, as such, many of us were […]

Webinar: Ontario’s 3-Step Reopening of CondoLand this Summer (June 2, at 5pm)

Condo life this summer will be different from prior years. As part of our last episode of the season, we will prepare you for the summer ahead, including how to navigate Ontario’s new 3-step reopening roadmap. Check the topics and speakers below! Topics New 3-step roadmap to reopening Ontario Overview of the new COVID response […]

Ontario’s New COVID Response Framework

Updated “Folks” Ontario has announced today its new COVID Response Roadmap to reopening Ontario.  We have gone from last year’s “Stage approach” to last October’s “Colour coded Response Framework” to, now, a brand new “Step approach”. Specifically, reopening Ontario will be done in 3 steps.  We will enter Step 1 as early as June 14.  […]

Stay at Home Order Extended until June 2

By now you have all heard that Ontario is extending the Stay at Home Order until (at least) June 2, 2021. In addition to the Stay at Home Order, the province is maintaining the April 3rd public health measures (the Emergency Brakes). Summary of measures Here is a summary of what today’s announcement means for […]

Can you Enforce a Policy the same way as a Rule?

The CAT recently released a very interesting case with a lot of useful information packed into it, including some guidance on when a board policy really ought to have been a rule. Let’s dive right in! Facts of this case The owner in this matter lived in her unit for ten years. She had several […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo Rules

Condo Rules are likely the most common source of friction and dispute between condo corporations, owners and neighbours.  People love to hate them but are happy to have them when a neighbour doesn’t play by the… rules.  A necessary evil that facilitate common and community living. Take a Deep Dive on condo rules! Topics What […]

Does the “Stay at Home Order” Require Condo Owners to Stay in their Unit?

Over the last couple of weeks, Ontario has implemented increasingly stringent public health measures in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19: On April 3, the province was put under Shutdown; On April 8, it issued a “Stay at Home Order”; and, On April 16, Ontario adopted additional measures, including one authorizing police forces […]

What Ontario’s Latest Public Health Measures Mean for Condos

On April 16, 2021, Ontario issued its most stringent set of public health measures in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.  The new restrictions will have relatively little impact on condos as most Shutdown restrictions ordered on April 3 continue to apply with (some but) little condo-relevant changes. Stay at home order continues […]

Can I BBQ on my Condo Balcony?

It’s that time of year again! With more clement weather finally upon us, so is barbecue season. With it, comes questions pertaining to BBQ safety and neighbourly etiquette.  This is particularly true in condo living and even more so when one lives in a mid to high-rise complex, where occupants have the exclusive use of […]