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Over the years, the team behind the Condo Adviser has argued many precedent-setting cases and has received various awards and accolades.  We are also often asked to speak to, or comment on, condominium matters.  Below is a list of some of our commendations, interviews, publications and public engagements.

Our cases

Sometimes, when all else fails, condominium corporations must bring ongoing disputes to an arbitrator or to the courts for final adjudication.  While we far prefer the certainty, flexibility and predictability of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, sometimes litigation is the only option.  This is an integral part of the services we provide our clients. Here is a link to our most important cases.


2019 Clawbie Award: Inducted in the Hall of Fame

“Kudos also to Rod Escayola and the condo law team at Gowlings WLG for their new place in the Clawbies Hall of Fame. Condo Adviser has previously been awarded best niche blog and best practice group blogs—twice. Keep up the great work!”

The ultimate consecration for legal bloggers is to be inducted to the  Clawbies Hall of Fame.  This is reserved to those having received at least 3 prior clawbies.

2019 Lexology Content Marketing Awards – Legal Influencer for Infrastructure Canada

This award is granted on a quarterly basis to individual authors who have been recognised for consistently providing Lexology subscribers with useful, insightful legal analysis within a particular work area and region.

2018 Clawbie Award: Best Practice Group Blog Award

“…the condo law team at Gowling WLG seems to work harder each year. 2018 saw the firm publish more than fifty posts, tackling issues like electric vehicle charging stations and the handling of cannabis legalization”.

2016 Clawbie Award: Best Niche Law Blog Award

“…The blog of the Condominium Law Group at Gowling WLG takes home the inaugural Niche Blog Clawbie for its insightful and frequent posts and its eye-catching unique design”.

2015 Clawbie Award: Best Practice Group Blog Award

“…Led by Ottawa partner Rod Escayola, a province-wide team of lawyers covers the Ontario condominium scene from ground floor to penthouse, including blow-by-blow coverage of Bill 106”.


Radio-Canada (January 25, 2023): Hamiton’s by-law preventing renovictions

Globe and Mail (January 19, 2024): Can manager share owner info with the CAO

Law360 (The Lawyers Daily) (December 12, 2023):  Court of appeal decision on cost sharing

Globe and Mail (August 24, 2023): Condo Election tie and its aftermath

CBC Ottawa (August 15, 2023):  Tenant’s recourses following floods

Toronto Star (July 11, 2023): Resident’s lifelong smoking habit sparks condo building battle

CTV Toronto (February 20, 2023): Erratic tenant behaviour in condos

CBC (Feb. 19, 2023): Landlord must pay for tenant’s disruptive behaviour

Radio-Canada (February 1 2023): Are short-term rental units subject to the Residential tenancies Act

LeDevoir (December 21, 2022): Condo Shooting in Vaughan

Globe and Mail (21 December 2022): Vaughan shooting underscores legal challenges faced by volunteer boards dealing with hostile condo owners

CBC – Radio: (December 20, 2022): A call for change after the Vaughan condo shooting

LeDevoir (December 19, 2022): Condo Shooting in Vaughan

Condo Law with the Programme de Pratique du Droit (Nov. 25, 2022)

CCI: How to work best with your condo manager (Nov. 4, 2022)

Globe and Mail (February 23, 2022): Condo rules loophole opens directors to lawsuits

CBC Ottawa (February 15, 2022): Injunctions against truck convoy

Globe and Mail (Jan. 27, 2022): Condo directors avoiding mandatory training

Globe and Mail (Jan. 17, 2022): Condo electronic voting wild west 

Canadian Press (Jan. 11, 2022): Can condos require proof of vaccination?

CBC Radio (Nov. 1, 2021): Who is responsible to ensure that balconies don’t collapse

CTV (Oct. 27, 2021): Single family provision cannot be used to discriminate

Globe and Mail (Oct. 20, 2021): Vaccination in condos

Law Times (August 16, 2021): Can Condos require proof of vaccination

CondoVoter (April 23, 2021): The future of virtual meetings

Radio-Canada (March 22, 2021): Court decision on masks in condos (in French)

Lawyer’s Daily (Dec. 18, 2020): Requirement of honesty in contractual performance

LawTimes (Dec. 14, 2020): Amendments to the Occupiers Liability Act

Canadian Press (Dec. 9, 2020): Auditor’s Report on Condo Industry

Radio-Canada (Y’a pas 2 matins pareille) (Nov. 17, 2020): Can condos prohibit smoking in units

Globe and Mail (Nov. 4, 2020): Can Condos prohibit smoking in units

Radio-Canada (June 7, 2020): Noise complaints amid pandemic

CBC Ottawa (June 4, 2020): Tenant noise complaints amid pandemic

Law Times (April 1, 2020): Selling your condo to pay neighbour’s legal fees, the Amlani case

Radio-Canada (March 31): L’impact de la Covid-19 sur le loyer et les frais de condo

CBC Ottawa (March 31): Covid19’s impact on rent and condo fees

Windsor Star (March 21, ,2020): What will the pandemic change

Globe & Mail (March 19, 2020): How condo and apartment buildings are encouraging social distancing

CondoBusiness (March 19, 2020): Owners and visitor disclosure as crisis unfolds (report on our CondoVirus series).

Canadian Lawyer Magazine (February 24, 2020): Amlani case and changes to how condo corporation charge back compliance matters

Carleton Journalism program (November 15, 2019): Bill 138 and its impact on sex workers seeking refuge in condos

CBC Ottawa (November 12, 2019): Increase in insurance premiums across the condo board

CBC Nova Scotia (August 1 2019): What condo owners can do to oust short-term rentals from their buildings

CBC TV (July 18, 2019): Telecommunications providers requiring access to units

CBC Radio (June 25, 2019): Green bin and composting initiatives in condos

CBC and Radio-Canada (May 6, 2019): Airbnb in condos: What can a condo do when the tenant subleases to a tenant; Le téléjournal (at 15 minutes)

The Cannabis Channel (by Law Times) (March 18, 2019): Condo boards shifting rules after legalization

CBC Radio (March 14, 2019): Can a condo owner fly a Canadian flag

Law Times (February 27, 2019): Cannabis in condos, a lawyer’s perspective

CBC Radio (February 27, 2019): Fire with Fire: 8-year legal feud began with arson attempt

Law Times (February 20, 2019): Commentary on Ania v. Spice Danforth, a developer’s obligation to act in good faith

Norm Tollinsky (February 19, 2019): Information Certificates and other compliance issues

Radio Canada (February 14, 2019) – Condo liability associated with Airbnb

Law Times (January 21, 2019): Tribunal still dealing with records cases only

Law Times (January 21, 2019): Changes to act mean work for lawyers

Law Times (December 11, 2018): Changes to the Condo Act – A year later

Radio Canada – Radio (Octobre 17, 2018) : Y’a pas deux matins pareils – Cannabis in condos and leases (8:17 am)

Radio Canada (Octobre 4, 2018) : Cannabis in condos

Canadian press (September 29, 2018) : Condo boards should set out rules before cannabis legalization: lawyers

Canadian Lawyer Mag (August 22, 2018): Condos scramble to get rules in place ahead of cannabis legalization

Condo business (July 19, 2018): First decisions issued in condo records disputes

Canadian Lawyer Mag (May 9, 2018): Court rule on condo board election battle

CTV (April 30, 2018): Condo owners facing important special assessment

CBC Radio (April 23, 2018): Ontario to lift electric vehicle roadblocks for condo owners

Radio-Canada TV (March 15, 2018): Un locataire peut-il sous-louer sur  Airbnb (at 24 minutes in video)

CBC TV (March 13, 2018): Struggle of an owner finding his unit on Airbnb

CBC Radio (March 13, 2018): Struggle of an owner finding his unit on Airbnb

CBC TV/Print (March 12, 2018): Condo owner furious after tenant rents out unit on Airbnb

REMI Network (March 1, 2018): New Condo Form attract criticism

The Law Times (January 22, 2018): Electric Vehicle plan could present problems

900 CHML (January 25 2018): Will Canadians be barred from smoking marijuana in their condos

Radio Canada (January 24, 2018): Increasing number of cannabis prohibition in condos (French)

CTV TV and online (January 23, 2018): Condo boards trying to address pot smoking before it’s legalized

CBC Radio (January 23, 2018): Can condominium prevent marijuana smoking in condo units

CBC online (January 23, 2018): Condo board move to ban pot smoking ahead of legalization

The Law Times (December 13, 2017): Focus on Condos: conversion to electric cars

Condo Business (October 31, 2017): Regulator will not actively seek complaints

The Law Times (October 17, 2017): Concerns voiced over the new Condo Tribunal

Condo Business (August 2017): Check in time; short-term rentals in condos

CBC Radio – Ottawa Morning (August 1, 2017): Electric Cars and Condo Law Follow up

Journal de Montréal (July 21, 2017): How Québec is addressing the Airbnb and other short-term rentals

McGill University – School of Urban planning (July 6, 2017): Airbnb’s Impact on Urban Housing Markets: effects and Policy Options

Law Times, Thomson Reuters (July 5, 2017): Interview on the CIBC v. YCC No. 385 decision

CondoBusiness Magazine (July 5, 2017): Interview on Toronto’s proposed regulations on short-term rentals

CBC Radio (June 13, 2017): Toronto is mulling new Airbnb rules. Should Ottawa follow?

CBC Radio – Ottawa Morning (June 13, 2017): Cities regulating Airbnb: should Ottawa learn from the Toronto example

Canadian Accountant Magazine (May 18, 2017): CPA Retirement: Should you join a condo board?

CBC Radio (May 16, 2017): Airbnb on the 150th anniversary of the confederation

CBC Radio – All in a day (Jan. 9, 2017): Canada 150 celebrations could mean big bucks for Airbnb hosts in Ottawa

Law Times (Dec. 19, 2016): Interview on Airbnb Decision and its impact on governance of condominium

Ottawa Real Estate Pros (Dec. 14, 2016): Ontario court ruling says condo buildings can ban sharing services such as Airbnb

Condo Business (Dec. 14, 2016): Ruling could help condos fight short-term rentals

Ontario Business Journal (Dec. 12, 2016): Airbnb hits legal snag in Ontario following Ottawa condo court case

Vice Money (Dec. 12, 2016): Airbnb Crackdown

Talk Radio AM640 (Dec. 12 2016): Interview on Airbnb decision

Financial Post (Dec. 9, 2016): Ontario court ruling says condo buildings can ban sharing services such as Airbnb

Toronto Life (Sept. 22, 2016): Neighbour vs. Neighbour

CBC News (Aug. 18, 2016): Condo owners call on city to rein in Airbnb

CBC Radio – Ottawa Morning (Feb. 23, 2016): Is Airbnb worth it?

CONDO: Condo Owners need to be informed, vigilant if short-term rentals are unwelcome

Tridel (Oct. 2, 2015): Real Condo Life: Butt Out!

ASCQ (Fall 2015): Airbnb (or similar) and your syndicate of co-ownership?  (Association des syndicats de copropriété du Québec)

Law Times (Jun. 7, 2013): Focus Condo directors to pay $100K for bad faith

Canadian Lawyer (Nov. 12, 2012): It’s tough to kick someone out of their castle

Public Speaking

  • CCI Eastern Ontario (December 6, 2023): Christmas luncheon’s crazy cases
  • CAI Canada (February 10, 2023): Early access to electronic vote results and impact on democratic process
  • Condo Management Group (Oct. 28, 2021): Common errors at Owners meetings
  • CCI Eastern Ontario (Oct. 27, 2021): Legal panel
  • Condo Management Group (Oct. 26): Insuring Condo Land
  • Law Society of Ontario (Sept. 27, 2021): Practice of law post pandemic
  • Community Association Institute (Sept. 23, 2021): National Legal panel on condo repair and maintenance
  • Icon management (May 18, 2021): Key things managers should know during the pandemic
  • CCLA Solicitors conference (May 7, 2021): Changes to the Condo Act amidst pandemic
  • MRCM (April 14, 2021): Major construction projects in a pandemic (Maple Ridge Community Management)
  • CAI (March 25): Excelling at chairing virtual meetings (episode 2)
  • OBA (March 17, 2021): Vaccination in Condos
  • CAI (March 11, 2021): Excelling at chairing virtual meetings
  • CAI Webinar (December 10, 2020): CAT, Virtual AGMs and Pandemic Lockdown
  • DEL Management webinar (November 25, 2020)
  • Monthly webinars (from September to December), mainly focused on CondoLand’s response to the pandemic.
  • Weekly webinars (from March 18 to June 24), mainly focused on CondoLand’s response to the pandemic.
  • Local Webinar on Covid-19 in Condos (Ottawa) (March 19, 2020)
  • National Webinar on Covid-19 in Condos (March 18, 2020)
  • Consultation with the Ministry of Government and Consumers Services regarding next step of regulations (Feb.21 /2020)
  • OBA Institute – Real Property Section (February 4, 2020:  Emerging Tips and Traps
  • Apollo Property Management (January 22, 2020): Pitfalls and traps of construction projects
  • Ottawa University (January 10, 2020): Alternate dispute resolutions
  • CCI/ACMO Kingston (November 29, 2019): Liens in condos
  • CDG (November 26, 2019): Security in Condos
  • CDG (September 2019): Condo fees across the province and what amenities impact them
  • CDG (June 2019)
  • CCI/ACMO Ottawa (June 2019)
  • Infonex (April 16, 2019): Municipal issues in the legalization of cannabis
  • CDG (March 28, 2019): Capital project RV or operating money and how much consultation is required
  • Ontario Bar Association (March 22, 2019): Aging in condominiums
  • CAI 1st Annual Conference (February 7, 2019): Has the CAT delivered all that it promised
  • CDG (Nov. 27, 2018): Emergency preparedness
  • Condo Adviser (Oct. 18, 2018): Cannabis, EV charging station and access to records
  • CDG (Sept. 18, 2018): Green bins, EV charging station and unit inspections
  • CDG (June 13, 2018): Moderating panel with municipal councillors: Do you speak condo?
  • ACMO/CCI (June 9, 2018): Defamation in condos
  • ACMO/CCI (June 9, 2018): Water, short-term, smoke and other Suite invaders
  • CDG (March 28, 2018): Guide to the condo proxy and cannabis in condos
  • CAI – Canada (February 28, 2018): Navigating the new Condo Forms – tips and challenges
  • Condo Adviser (February 8, 2018): Navigating the new forms
  • CDG (November 29, 2017): Panel on Condo Management under the new Act
  • CCLA 37th Litigation conference (November 17, 2017): Mi casa, your crack house
  • ACMO/CCI (November 10, 2017): Suite invaders (water, smoke and short-term rentals)
  • CAI (October 26, 2017): CAI luncheon on the changes to the Condo Act and the impact on managers
  • CDG (September 28, 2017) : Ready or not: the new Condo Act. A directors’ perspective
  • Regional Group (September 26, 2017): The New Condo Act for directors
  • AJEFO (June 24, 2017): The “Airbnb” case: the end of short-term rentals in condos?
  • CDG (June 15, 2017): Moderating a discussion with the Attorney General of Ontario on changes to the Condo Act
  • ACMO/CCI Ottawa Conference (June 2, 2017): Accommodating disability when enforcing rules
  • Condo Adviser conference (May 18, 2017): Marijuana and insurance issues in condominium corporations
  • Advocacy Club (May 13, 2017): Social Media for lawyers
  • CCLA (April 4, 2017): Social Media Social: blogging, vlogging and other social media for lawyers
  • CDG (March 15, 2017) : Mediating and Accommodating differences
  • Condo Adviser conference (January 19, 2017): Licencing of Condo Managers in Ontario
  • CCI Directors Course (Nov. 27, 2016): The New Condo Act and Expert panel;
  • Condo Directors Group (Nov. 29, 2016): Being Good Neighbours: Balancing enforcement and building of communities
  • ACMO/CCI Kingston Conference (Nov. 25, 2016): Case law update
  • CCLA Litigation conference (Nov. 18, 2016): Diversity in the profession
  • CDG (Sept. 15, 2016): Condo security
  • ACMO/CCI London Conference (Jul. 15, 2016): Smoking in condos
  • Condo Directors Group (June 14, 2016): Building Ottawa’s future
  • ACMO/CCI Ottawa Conference (May 27, 2016)
  • CCI Directors Course (May 1, 2016): New Condo Act and Experts panel
  • CCI Seminar (Mar. 30, 2016): Insurance issues in condos
  • CDG (Mar 16, 2016): Aging and Mental disabilities in condos
  • LSUC (Feb. 24, 2016): The impact of sharing economies in real estate (Law Society of Upper Canada)
  • CDG (Nov. 17, 2015): Update on Condo Act and short-term rentals
  • CDG (Sept. 24, 2015): Fire and Safety Security


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Law Society’s Library Blog: Ontario Condo Law Changes

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Condo Contact (Spring 2013): Noise complaints in condos: the perils of failing to enforce

JD Supra (Oct. 26, 2010): Can condominiums prevent short-term leasing of units?

Lexology Author Page (Gowlings WLG)

Lexology Author Page (Heenan Blaikie)