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SURVEY: Should Marijuana be Allowed in Condos?

In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis in Canada by July 2018. Provinces are developing the required regulatory framework. What about your condo? Are you planning ahead? Take our survey and tell us what you think about marijuana consumption in condos.

Can condos regulate the use of cannabis?

As the draft legislation presently reads, the federal proposes to set at 18 the minimum legal age to possess and consume cannabis. It also proposes to limit the growing of cannabis plants to 4 plants per household (of up to a metre each).  Provinces can adjust some of these restrictions and, in our views, so can condominium corporations.  Generally speaking, a condominium can be more restrictive, but not more permissive, than existing municipal, provincial or federal legislation.

Corporations could, in our view, restrict or control the smoking or growing of cannabis through the adoption of a rule or through an amendment to the declaration. Indeed, a board can adopt rules to promote the safety, security or welfare of owners or to prevent unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of common elements and units.

The benefit for condos to regulate cannabis now is that you will likely not have to grandfather anyone.  This may change once the possession and consumption of marijuana becomes legal in Canada.

Our blog on this topic was quite popular.


We, at Condo Adviser, want to know your opinion on the use of cannabis in condominiums. We developed a short survey and would love to hear your views:

  • Should corporations prohibit the smoking of cannabis in the condo?
  • Should they prohibit the growing of cannabis in units?

We hope you will share your views with us. Our survey only takes a few minutes. We will publish the results later this year.

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