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New Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements for Condos

The province of Ontario has just released new requirements dealing with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in condominiums. These new requirements will take effect as early as May 1, 2018.  The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services summarizes these new requirements as follows:

  1. Condo corporations meeting certain conditions will be exempt from certain requirements in the Condo Act that would otherwise apply to corporations seeking to install electric charging stations on condo property;
  2. Owners meeting certain conditions and condo corporations will be exempts from certain approval requirements in the Condo Act that would otherwise apply to condo owners requesting to install electric vehicle charging stations.

A bit cryptic for now.  We will have a look at the amended regulations and at the province’s Plain Language Guide and write a more comprehensive blog post about it but wanted to get this news out quickly for those interested.

The province has already changed the Status Certificate forms to address these changes.