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Welcome to Our Brand New Blog!

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We are truly very excited to launch Gowlings’ blog on condominium law: the Condo Adviser.

We have designed this blog, both in look and content, to be sleek, modern, uncluttered and very easy to use. We aim to provide you with a one-stop shop where you can get timely and reliable advice on all of your condominium legal needs.

Whether you are a condo director, an owner, a property manager or a professional serving the condominium community, our team of multi-disciplinary experts is looking forward to exchanging and discussing with you all topics of interest to the condominium community. We will be blogging on a variety of condo-related topics, including governance, compliance issues, dispute resolution (and when that fails, arbitration and litigation), planning and construction issues, real estate and development and human rights and employment issues.  We will bring to you the latest court decisions to help you understand the issues at play and the lessons to be learned.

Our contributors (read more about them in our “About Us” page) are looking forward to engaging in a discussion with you. Feel free to contact them directly or through their social media. We invite you to share the content you find of interest (by using the sharing icons at the bottom of each articles) and to challenge us by asking questions or by voicing your opinion.

We hope you will visit our blog often.  Even better, be the first to know by registering to our RSS feed, by bookmarking this page, by signing up to get selective emails when a new post is ready for you or by following us on the Condo Adviser’s brand new twitter account (all of these sharing functionalities are at the top of each page).

We hope you will find this blog relevant and interesting and we hope you will let us be your Condo Advisers.

To start the discussion, why don’t you share this introductory blog with your friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platforms.  Just click on the icons below and see if they work!

Time to start blogging!

Rod Escayola, Editor