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Bill 106 Passed Second Reading and Was Sent to Committee

Finally!  After more than 10 hours of debate in second reading at the Ontario Legislative Assembly, Bill 106 (an Act to amend the Ontario Condominium Act and other related legislation) passed second reading.  This Bill has now been referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.

What is interesting about the conclusion of Bill 106’s second reading is that two motions were submitted for a vote. The first Motion was a motion to close second reading and end the debate.  Fifty-one MPPs voted in favour of closing the debate and 37 voted against it.  This demonstrates that some 42% of the MPPs wished to continue debating this important piece of legislation.  The second motion regarding Bill 106 was to determine whether it passed second reading.  This motion passed unanimously – despite the result of the first motion. At the conclusion of this second vote, Bill 106 was referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.

A legislative committee is composed of a small working group of MPPs responsible for detailed consideration of the proposed legislation. In the course of its work, the committee may hold public hearings, where citizens from across Ontario have the opportunity to comment on or provide evidence relating to the proposed legislation.  Individuals or organizations can engage in the committee process by appearing as a witness, submitting written material to the committee or attending the committee hearings.  Those wishing to speak before a legislative committee must first register with the Committee’s clerk.

You can find contact information on this specific committee, including locations, dates, and deadlines for upcoming public meetings on the committee’s Notice of Hearings page.

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