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Month: February 2021

Ex-Owners Are Not Entitled to Access Records of the Condo Corporation

A recently released decision from the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) shed some light on an interesting question: can someone who ceases to be a condo owner still be entitled to access the records of the corporation or is this a privilege only available to current owners? The case In Baljak v HCC 371, an owner commenced […]

Webinar: Deep Dive on Condo By-Laws (March 3 @ 5pm)

In this episode, your favourite #CondoGeeks are taking a Deep Dive on Condo By-Laws. Topic: Deep Dive on Condo By-Laws What by-laws do? What by-laws don’t do? Purpose and workings of most common by-laws: Operating by-laws Standard Unit by-laws Insurance deductible by-laws Borrowing by-laws Easement and leases of common elements Electronic by-laws What goes in […]

Mandatory COVID Screening at Condo Entrances

Screening obligation Amongst new obligations being imposed by the province under the Reopening Ontario Act is the obligation to screen individuals for COVID-19 prior to entering the premises. This is applicable in all colour zones.  There are two levels of screening obligations.  One is more passive and the other is more active. Active obligation to screen […]

Ontario Condos Moved Back to Colour Coded Restrictions

Ontario is moving 27 of its Public Health regions back to the colour-coded COVID response framework. These regions (see chart below) will no longer be subject to the Stay-at-Home order as of Tuesday, February 16, 2020.  Each will be placed under the colour level of restrictions applicable to them. The other 4 health regions (Toronto, […]

How Much Time Do Condos Have to Lien a Chargeback to a Unit?

In a recent court case, a condo owner challenged a lien registered against his unit, alleging that the corporation was late in registering it and that it ought to have mediated the chargeback prior to registering the lien. In this post, we review this decision and the important lessons it brings. Facts of the case […]

Webinar: Privacy Issues surrounding Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting (Wed, Feb 3 @ 5pm)

Ontario is looking at permanently enabling virtual meetings, e-voting and email notification to owners. Most of you have already experienced these but have you ever turned your mind to any privacy issues raised by this new way of doing business? We’ve been swamped with questions. Our panelists tackled the following topics: Privacy Can condo corporations […]