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Month: July 2021

How many cases can the same owner bring to the Condo Tribunal?

We’ve all heard of that one owner who has it against the corporation and who brings repeated and multiple court cases, on what may feel like a vendetta. Is there no limit to what cases (and how many cases) the same owner can bring against their condo corporation? The Condo Authority Tribunal (the “CAT”) recently […]

Are your condo fees too high? (2021 survey)

In 2019, we launched our most ambitious survey on “condo fees” in Ontario. Back by popular demand, we are relaunching a better and improved survey to update our data. What drives condo fees up or down? How does the age or size of the corporation affect them? How do they compare from city to city? […]

What Ontario’s Step 3 means for condos

Updated to reflect the new provincial measures announced on Dec. 17, 2021. Ontario has been under Step 3 of its Reopening Roadmap since July 16, 2021. In this page, we summarize what Stage 3 looks like for condos in Ontario.  You should also consult with your Public Health Unit as there is an increasing number […]

Pets, Parking and Storage? The CAT’s jurisdiction may go further than you think!

As we all know by now, in October 2020 the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) increased its jurisdiction to cover disputes related to pets, parking and storage on top its usual jurisdiction over records requests. Since then, it has been interesting to see just how far the scope of this new jurisdiction goes. A recent case […]