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Are your condo fees too high? (2021 survey)

In 2019, we launched our most ambitious survey on “condo fees” in Ontario.

Back by popular demand, we are relaunching a better and improved survey to update our data.

  • What drives condo fees up or down?
  • How does the age or size of the corporation affect them?
  • How do they compare from city to city?
  • How do highrise compare to townhomes?
  • What amenities are more expensive to maintain?
  • Most importantly, how do you compare to others? Are you paying too much?

For this survey to be of any use, we need many of you to take it. It only takes a couple of minutes. While anyone can complete the survey, perhaps the treasurer is the best person to take this on. It’ll help if you have your yearly budget in hand.

Managers: please share this with your corporations.

Take our 2021 survey on condo fees!

You can also consult the results of our 2019 survey here.

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