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Past Condo Webinars On Demand

The wait is over! We’ve finally posted our past webinars.  You can now view them on demand!

You can stream our past webinars (and access the various resources shared) by clicking on our Webinar tab (at the top of the page) or by scrolling below.

This Week’s Condo Webinar

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, April 22 at 5 pm. This week, we’ll tackle the following topics:

  • Insurance Conundrum:
    • Are you insured for any covid aftermath?
    • How to protect your directors and the corporation against future claims?
  • Engineering riddle:
    • Is my HVAC spreading the covid virus?
    • Can we proceed with this urgent work?
  • Financial mystery:
    • Do we qualify for any of the federal subsidies?
    • Updating our PIC and status certificate
  • Management  puzzle:
    • Who must clean and disinfect unit?
    • Dealing with this week’s crises
  • AGM Teaser:
    • Precautions to ensure the integrity of online meetings

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Past Webinars on demand

March 18 webinar (CondoVirus – episode 1)


  • What is the Coronavirus and how is it spreading?
  • What can condos do to prepare and minimise its spread?
  • What are the legal risks for condos?
  • How to reassure owners?
  • How to reassure employees?
  • How to do business differently?
  • To adjourn or not to adjourn the AGM


March 25 webinar (CondoVirus – episode 2)


  • Quarantine rules: Can corporation enforce it and to what extent?
  • Access to the building and to units: move in/out; deliveries, in suite renos…
  • What to do with short-term rentals and guests suites?
  • Collecting fees, special assessments and liens
  • Auditor and budgets during the crisis


April 1 webinar (CondoVirus – episode 3)


  • Status Update: including from various regulatory bodies
  • Federal Invoking the Quarantine Act: Impact on condos
  • Safety and Security: inspection, maintenance and long term planning
  • Capital projects: scheduling or postponing work and securing contractors/resources


April 7 webinar (CondoVirus – episode 4)

“Things are getting real”


  • Changes to essential services
  • Governments tightening quarantine measures
  • How to deal with meetings that cannot wait?


April 14 webinar (CondoVirus – episode 5)

“Implementing the new normal”


  • How to deal with a covid death at the condo
  • Owners’ meetings and AGMs – a moving target
  • How to adopt a by-law to allow electronic voting
  • Financial impact of the covid crisis on the corporation, including arrears, liens and borrowing by-laws
  • Enforcement and compliance matters that can’t wait
  • Contractor protocols – how to ensure the corporation’s safety and security
  • Can condos prohibit visitors